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Hello Olle,

I consider your book Quit Ruminating and Brooding is incredibly good. It is easy to read, understand and embrace. Your examples from real life are very interesting . I have lived with worry and anxiety very long and have read several self-help books.

Your book is different from every self-help book I’ve read before. Thank you very much for a very good book, which has already helped me so much and surely will make many people feel better.

Best wishes,


I have just finished your book “Quit ruminating and brooding” Thank you. I have been diagnosed with OCD and GAD.
I have very actively avoided comforting thoughts and instead increased the anxiety according to the examples in the book.
This has led to a feeling close to salvation when the anxiety released and a feeling of being high.

Best Regards;


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Hello Olle! I do not know how to thank you. Your book “Quit ruminating and brooding” gave me a chance to a life. After postpartum depression, OCD and paralyzing anxiety I had given up. I found your book and it saved me. Thank you! / A H

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Hi Olle. I read your book “Quit ruminating and brooding” it describes very well my thought patterns. I have just read page 48 and have already started to think differently. The reason for writing to you is that I am very grateful that you have bothered to write this book.

Best wishes,

Hello Olle,

I bought your book about rumination and anxiety recently. I wish I had read it twenty years ago. It has given me understanding and tools to work with. Thank you.

In a letter from a becoming patient:

“….. I started to read Steven Hayes book about rumination, but his book was too difficult and in December I had a mental slump. I continued to ruminate and could not understand why I felt so bad.

In the beginning of January, I read your book and much fell into place. Suddenly I understood that what my friends, my fiancé and my therapist had been doing was wrong.”

“When I read the book finally very much fell into place. It seemed to be written about me. I recognized myself in the description of the ruminating. Immediately after I had read it, I felt a great relief. Suddenly I understood why I have felt so bad – I had been ruminating. Thousand thanks!”

Comment to a study where 140 ruminators were treated with amazing results via internet with the method described in “Quit ruminating and brooding”. Quote from a personal mail to the author from one of the researchers:

“Still better is that the results prevail in the 4 months follow up. What an incredible treatment model you have invented Olle!”

Erik M Andersson, lic psychologist, PhD
The Karolinska Institutet Stockholm