image001Olle Wadström is a lic. psychologist, lic. psychotherapist who specialized in CBT, he is an approved CBT-counselor, an authorized specialist in the fields of clinical psychology and pedagogic psychology with 47 years experience of treating patients with anxiety disorders.

He is currently working as a psychologist, a CBT-therapist, supervisor, counselor, author and teacher/lecturer.

He has written several books about CBT and behavior analysis, but just “Quit ruminating and brooding” is translated to English. In that book he presented his “invention” of a new model for treatment of worry and rumination in 2007. In two large studies at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, the method has showed incredible results.

The first study is published in Behavior Therapy, 48 no. 3 (2017) : 391-402.
The second study, Targeting Excessive Worry with Internet Based Extinction Therapy, were this model compared with the standard treatment for GAD with amazing results. The study is not yet published in November 2018 but submitted to the British Journal of Psychiatry.

The model is by some predicted to become a new standard for treatment of  GAD and an important tool in treating OCD, Socialphobia and PTSD.

Other books by Olle Wadstrom are “To understand and alter behaviors”, “OCD – causes and treatment from a behavioral point of view”, “Self-injurious behavior” and “Joy of sports, accomplishments, progress – CBT for trainers, athletes and parents” only available in Swedish language.