This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Front-cover-2-5-679x1024.jpgComment to a study where 140 ruminators were treated with amazing results via internet with the method described in “Quit ruminating and brooding”. Quote from a personal mail from one of the researchers to the author:

“Still better is that the results prevail in the 4 month follow up. What an incredible treatment model you have invented Olle!”

Erik M Andersson, lic psychologist, PhD
The Karolinska Institutet Stockholm

Hello Olle,

I don´t know how to thank you. Your book, Quit Ruminating and Brooding, gave me a chance to a life. After postpartum depression, OCD and paralyzing anxiety, I had given up. I found your book and it saved me. Thank you./

Mail from  (for me an unknown person)

Can you get rid of broodings? Absolutely! The treatment is very similar to treatment of OCD. You might have good help from Olle Wadström’s book Quit ruminating and brooding – it is easier to do with CBT. I warmly recommend it. Another alternative would be to seek treatment from a psychologist who is used to do so-called operant analyzes, which is what one usually do when one works with treatment of OCD.

Ata Ghaderi, Professor in Clinical psychology, Karolinska Institutet

I have been working with a patient with severe anxiety and depression-problems, where ruminations have been very prominent. Progress with traditional CBT was quite small. After reading your book, I presented your model to the patient, who said he was willing to work with it. Pretty soon, we both noticed that it showed powerful results. Now, a while later, the results are incredible, almost like magic!

Gudrun Hansson-Lönnqvist, Socionom, and lic. psychotherapist (CBT)

A light in the tunnel to all of us who lie awake at night with worry buzzing at high speed in our bodies. To us who put energy and power to think catastrophically on problems that are unsolvable. We get good advice, encouragements and comfort from people around us – but that do not cure our ruminations.

The psychologist Olle Wadström has written this fantastic book about how we spend hours, months and years of our lives ruminating. He gives us a toolbox that can take us out of our anguish. The cause of your broodings is perhaps not what you think and the solution is vertiginous. With the help of CBT, mindfulness, patience and love to yourself, you can pull the curtain of worry and see yourself and your problems in a new way.

Read, learn, practice and enjoy the tranquility that follows.

I strongly recommend this book, very helpful and very useful.

Nikolai Hamstein Owner of Hamstein AB


I have suffered from worry ever since I can remember.
I have bought the Quit Ruminations and Brooding book
and found that it very helpful.

Best wishes,

Hello Olle,

I bought your book about rumination and anxiety recently. I wish I hadThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Front-cover-2-5-679x1024.jpg read it twenty years ago. It has given me understanding and tools to work with. Thank you.

DB (a to me unknown emailer)

Hello Olle,

I am a 25 years old lawyer student close to exam. In the autumn 2016 I read an article in Svenska Dagbladet about you and the book Quit Ruminating and Brooding. I bought the book the day after and have by now read it several times.

During autumn 2016 I did not feel well. I have been feeling bad for a long time during my adult life. That autumn was probably one of the worst ever. I could not manage my studies to become a lawyer and my relationship was suffering heavily. Basically, my whole existence was dominated by unrest. Your book introduced me to a new way to look at the thinking and quite soon I experienced enormous improvements.”

GS  (a to me unknown emailer)