When you google on “stop worry” you find sites that recommend programs with 5 steps, 9 steps or even 13 steps in order to stop your worry.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Front-cover-2-5-679x1024.jpgThese steps aimed for distraction  are often helpful to get rid of the worry instantly, but the worry unfortunately comes back. And that seems to be inevitablesince distraction fuels worry in the long run. You cannot flee from your brain and your thoughts.

This new model for how to stop worrying and ruminating is aiming to train your brain to stop producing discomforting and worrying thoughts – to extinguish the habit of thinking discomforting and upsetting thoughts. This is a more permanent way of dealing with the worry.

The new model was first presented in 2007 in the book “Quit ruminating and brooding” (available at Amazon.com). It has now been tested in two very large scale studies (in press) with 140 subjects in the first study. In the second study (with 340 subjects) the new model has proved  to be even more effective than the standard treaments for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) with their different stressmanagement methods.

What is so special about the model?

It does indeed not strive to relieve your unpleasantness immediately, but to free you from your inclination and habit to worry in the long run and permanently.

It aims to train your warning or scary brain to refrain from seeking threats, dangers and producing discomforting thoughts when you are feeling low or are anxious and aroused.

The book “Quit ruminating and brooding” has become very popular in Sweden and the nordic countries (small countries) and has sold more than 26000 copies thus far. It is easy to understand and it is appreciated by the common man, anxiety patients as well as by psychologists and students. Why not try it? You might regret and worry if you do not.

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The book is available in English since 2015

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