Why can we not quit our broodings and ruminations?This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Front-cover-2-5-679x1024.jpg

Even though we want to quit ruminating, we spend a considerable amount of time doing it, days as well as sleepless nights. All in all, we can spend months and years of our lives ruminating and brooding, even though it only makes us feel worse.

Why do I not get a divorce?

Why did I not get that job?

Why are my children not doing as well as her children?

Why did he get a bigger raise than me?

Kind advice from friends, and even from therapists, about how we should quit ruminating is sometimes outright wrong. They often contribute to making ruminations worse, rather than decreasing them.

In this book, Olle Wadström has analyzed ruminations. He explains why we ruminate, what drives ruminations and why they are so hard to stop. He also describes what to do in order to quit. He provides different tools that are useful, as well as explanations as to why things should be done in the way he presents them.

If you want to look into the behavior analysis upon which the book “Quit  Ruminating and Brooding – Its is Easier to do With Cognitive Behavior  Therapy (CBT) – how ruminating and brooding work and what to do to  overcome them” is built.

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